What is an Ops Centre?

Our Airlines operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  Our Operations Control Centres are the beating hearts of our airlines.  Airline Operations is a fast paced, dynamic and exciting environment and it’s not for the faint heated!

Our Operations Control Centres are responsible for the delivery of the daily flying programme on behalf of our airlines.  The size and shape of our Centres vary, but we all share the same day to day issues, challenges and successes.


In the UK our Operations Control Centres are responsible for:-

  • Programme management and decision making – keeping things running to plan, on time and safe, dealing with issues and problems as they arise.
  • Disruption management – dealing with minor and major disruption such as weather, volcanic ash, strikes and technical issues.
  • Flight Planning and dispatch – producing the flight routes and fuel plans that our pilots fly, minimising fuel use, dealing with slot delays and weather issues.
  • Crewing – ensuring our flights are crewed and that all crew remain within legal hours.
  • Airport Liaison – liaising with airports and handling agents. 
  • Customer Focus – ensuring decisions that are made impact our passengers or customers as little as possible.
  • Management liaison – ensuring senior management are aware and briefed on any issues within our operations.