Who We Are

 The United Kingdom Operations Manager Association (UKOMA) is a non-commercial, non-profit organisation that allows the Operations Managers from the UK’s leading airlines and aircraft operators to cooperate and share our experiences in a mutually beneficial way and without commercial gain.



Our core aim is to raise the standards of training provided to our Operations Teams and to encourage potential staff who have a passion for aviation to pursue a career in Operations Control.

 As a group we offer an entry level “Operations Officers” training course that is designed to give students a condensed week long course in the key skills required to support their development and progression within the industry.  Uniquely our course lecturers come from across the ranks within our respective airlines or are specialists within their field – essentially the course is designed by airlines for the needs of airlines.  Key subject topics include the Principles of Flight, Flight Planning, Aircraft Performance, Weight and Balance, Meteorology, Security, Emergency Response and others.

Additionally UKOMA provides occasional one off courses specialising in a specific “hot topic”.  The aim is to provide all training to airline members economically and without profit.

If you do not currently work within an Operations Control department, but have a passion for aviation and a keen desire to serve within an airline this course is for you.  Completing the course undoubtedly gives job applicants a head start and allows you to boost the required skills needed by our airline members.


Operations Managers Group

In addition to training, the Operations Mangers group meets four times annually at various relevant venues to discuss key issues that are affecting our airlines.

Any airline or aircraft operator who holds an AOC (Air Operators Certificate) is welcome to join UKOMA and will be considered a member after attending the Operations Managers Group on three occasions.  The expectation is that all members will contribute to the association by putting their staff through the UKOMA Operations Officer course and by periodically providing lecturers to the course.

Since its formation UKOMA has provided a means by which the airline operations community can continually improve and evolve.  The complexities of the modern airline require that the staff in the operations department play a pivotal role in the overall success of the airline.  By combining the forces of the operational management of the UK airlines, UKOMA has been able to contribute towards the safety and efficiency of our respective airlines.