Simon Scanlon – Operations Controller

Simon ScanlonName: Simon Scanlon
Date Completed UKOMA course: March 2012
Employer: Atlantic Airlines Ltd (West Atlantic group)
Job Title: Operations Controller

What does your current job entail?

Flight watch/planning, Crewing, Reading Weather/NOTAMS, Liaising with crew, engineers and customers. Sending Dispatch/ Production Reports, Reading SITA messages.

What did you enjoy about the UKOMA course?

I came from a military background, and I enjoyed the diversity and different levels of knowledge. Sharing work stories, and experiences was helpful. I took a lot from the course, especially the civilian elements of Operations including Crewing.

The course is pitched at the right level for all levels of entry. I learned so much, and just wish I had attended when I first started for Atlantic and not after a year. Runway Performance, Aerodrome Plates, Crewing were all covered at a great level of understanding.

After the UKOMA course how did your career progress (former jobs, companies, milestones, etc)?

I have built on the experience, and have completed a City & Guilds Airline Dispatch Course to mirror the UKOMA course.

What would be your advice for anyone wanting to get into Operations Control?

Expect to work strange hours, and if you get stressed easy, and do not like night shifts, think of another career.

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