Siobhan Evans – VIP Operations Executive

SiobhanName: Siobhan Evans
Date Completed UKOMA Course: Nov 2013
Employer: Thomson Airways
Job Title: VIP Operations Executive

What does your current job entail?

I am responsible for the management, development and delivery of the VIP operational programme on behalf of our North American charterer.  Duties include the development of the onboard guest experience, day to day operation of the programme and forward planning of new and exciting destinations.

What did you enjoy about the UKOMA course?

Where do I start?! The wide variety of subjects contained within the lectures ensured that I came away from the course with a significantly increased understanding of Operations and the factors which impact a flying programme.  In addition, the demographic of the group meant that we were able to share experiences and key challenges, fully appreciating how each airline/company and individual role can affect the operational environment and each other.  Finally, the lecturers who delivered the sessions came with a wealth of experience and knowledge making the learning so much easy to do.

After the UKOMA course how did your career progress (former jobs, companies, milestones, etc)?

Successfully completing the UKOMA course has allowed me to build and expand on what was predominantly a commercial operational role.  The course has armed me with a great depth of knowledge which has made me more confident in my decision making and has allowed me to pro-actively problem solve within my current role.  I am less blinkered when making decisions and am able to balance the commercial need and the operational delivery.   The UKOMA course has certainly reassured me that Operations is my calling!

What would be your advice for anyone wanting to get into Operations Control?

Don’t even hesitate, just do it!  If you are someone likes me who likes every day to be different, thrives off the unknown and enjoys the technical aspect of getting an aircraft off the ground and safely to its destination then Operations Control is just for you.  Take time to build your knowledge and experience and remember that working in Operations becomes more of a way of life rather than just a job!

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